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Iowa Beef Center Apps Iowa State University

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Please check back later for more apps. Iowa Beef Center, 313 Kildee Hall, 806 Stange Rd., Iowa State University Ames, IA 50011-1178 Phone: 515-294-BEEF (2333), Fax: 515-294-3795, [email protected] .

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Useful Smartphone Apps For Cattle Ranchers Panhandle

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The final calculator provides a Yield Grade for slaughtered cattle. Users input fat thickness, internal fat %, hot carcass weight, and ribeye area in square inches. So, a steer with a carcass weight of 800 pounds, with 0.5″ of back fat, 3% internal fat and a 14″ ribeye would have a yield grade of 2.9. This could prove helpful for the few

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Livestock Management: Beef Cattle – Farm Table

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Livestock Management: Beef Cattle. There are software solutions for beef farmers to manage stock and view the big picture with data collection and storage; to aid with planning, reports, staff management, stock rotation, breeding, productivity, feed inventories, etc. We have saved you hours of time on the net by listing the websites of software

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6+ Best Cattle Management Software Free Download For

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If you are a farmer or a rancher or any other person who requires a cattle management software then you have reached the right place. Today we are going to discuss a few cattle management softwares that are available in the market. We will provide you with the features and benefits of these softwares. These softwares provide a basic inventory system according to the need of …

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Six Useful Apps For Cattlemen VitaFerm

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BCI Pregnancy Analytics: This app, developed by Kansas State University, allows producers to collect beef cattle pregnancy data and receive visual statistical representations of their data overlaid with industry benchmarks. Cattlemen can track pasture/herd name, ID, age, body condition score and number of days bred.

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8 Apps For Ranchers Recommended By Ranchers Beef …

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This app helps plan any construction projects you might have on the ranch. It promises to help reduce waste and save time and money. It includes a time-tracking tool, measurement conversion calculators, and has several positive reviews from contractors and home owners. 6. Farm Logs by AgriSight, Inc.

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BeEF The Browser Exploitation Framework Project

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BeEF is short for The Browser Exploitation Framework. It is a penetration testing tool that focuses on the web browser. Amid growing concerns about web-borne attacks against clients, including mobile clients, BeEF allows the professional penetration tester to assess the actual security posture of a target environment by using client-side attack

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12 Most Popular Beef Cattle Breeds Of The World For …

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The male Chianina weight is 1200-1500kg, and the female is 800-1000kg. The skin color is black, and the coat is white hair, black the witch. The large sized breed is well- muscled, and they are adapted to warmer climates. 11. Beef Master. The place of origin in the USA, the breed is mainly in beef cattle breeds.

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Top 8 Livestock Management Software In 2021 Reviews

CattleMax Visit Site

CattleMax is a complete herd management software for commercial and registered beef cattle operations to track production, performance, and marketing records. With over 8,000 ranches in all 50 U.S. states and over 70 countries, CattleMax …

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Beef Market Central Agriculture Apps

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The Beef Market Central app from Revalor-XS is a helpful resource for members of the cattle industry. The app provides up-to-date information on Chicago Mercantile Exchange futures market reports as well as the latest cattle industry news. The Beef Market Central app is free and available for both Android and iOS operating systems.

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Beef Management – Beef Cattle

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Synchronizing Heat in Beef Cattle Synchronization of estrus (heat) involves manipulating the estrous cycle of beef females so they can be bred at approximately the same time. There are several protocols available for synchronizing estrus among beef females.

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Livestock Apps Agriculture Apps

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Calving Calculator Ad Free. Developed by: Countries: Canada,US. Add to favourite. FREE Go to Store. Android. Send to email. The Calving Calculator Ad Free app was designed for beef farmers to calculate their cattle’s gestation cycle. It not only provides you

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Three Free Cattle And Pasture Apps For Your PDA

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Three free cattle and pasture apps for your PDA. beef producers who use Palm OS hand-held computing devices. Joining the Sale. Palm OS PDAs. All of the Palm applications are free, and can be easily. downloaded from the IBC site. quantity of a ration delivered to a pen is to be adjusted by a percentage.

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Cattle Management Software Performance Livestock Analytics

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Performance Beef simplifies feed, performance and health data collection — without double entry or complicated software. All your data is secure and accessible from anywhere 24/7 in one easy-to-use platform. The only hardware you need to get started is an iPhone or iPad and POINT® scale indicator compatible with most scales used today.

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Breeding Systems For Beef Production

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*Professor and Extension Beef Cattle Specialist, The Texas A&M University System. L-5207 7-98 Breeding Systems for Beef Production Stephen P. Hammack* If, instead of a backcross, you mate two F 1s of the same breed makeup, the progeny, called F 2, also average 50 percent reduction of heterosis from the F 1. But if you

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Cattle Records Beef Industry Cattle Management Software

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Cattle management app is the perfect tool for you today. It is helping cattle producers like you not only in providing safe, high-quality and consistent beef quality but also in improving the bottom line by providing the consumers the satisfaction they demand.

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Learning The Value Of Apps Progressive Cattle

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A sample of apps Smith picked some of his favorite apps featured in the workshop. These ranch-related apps include: Compendium of Veterinary Products (CVP) – This app by Bayer allows a producer to select a species, enter the disease or symptoms and access a list of the medicines that are recommended with side effects and dosages.

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Beef cattle have a useful and necessary role in agricultural production for the following reasons: (a) Beef provides protein and some minerals and vitamins which are necessary to human health and which balance other nutrients that are obtained from plant foods. Animal protein (meat) contains amino acids which

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Cattle Manager Apps On Google Play

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Apps for Good is an education movement where young people learn to create apps that change the world. Apps for Good partners with educators across the UK to deliver its course to young people 10-18 years of age. Please write a review and let us know how the app works on your farm! GET IN TOUCH Mail: [email protected] Twitter: @cattlemanager

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Markets Beef Market Central

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Beef Market Central provides cattle producers with the latest prices, news and sale information on steers, heifers and cow calf operations.

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Livestock News: Beef

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Shocks to the beef industry were all part of 2020’s “unprecedented” theme, but how the market responded was less surprising. U.S. wins more access to EU beef market as others yield The U.S. secured more access to the European Union’s beef market after the bloc persuaded Australia, Argentina and Uruguay to cede chunks of a…

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MSU Extension Montana State University

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Beef Cattle Share Leases This MontGuide is a modified and updated version of Montana State University Extension Bulletin 120, Pasture Leases and Beef Cattle Share Arrangements, by Kent Williams, John Lacey, Dave Phillips, and John Ranney

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Beef Central Top 10: Apps, Sites And Youtube Video Beef

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The Beef Essentials app helps customers to choose the best cut of beef for their barbecue, roast, stir-fry or casserole, with in-built cooking timers with reminders at key times. It also offers hundreds of different cooking methods for beef and provides the answer to the ago-old question – 'how to cook the perfect steak'.

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‎Cattle Visions On The App Store

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‎This mobile app will allow cattle producers to search for AI bulls using the search feature and display AI sires listed within the Cattle Visions website. The app has a breeding calculator function that will calculate breeding set up times for both heifers and cows. The gestation calculator will d…

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Beef Cattle Nutrition And Feeding Penn State Extension

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Among the most essential components of beef production are proper nutrition and feed management. Feeding your cattle a healthy, balanced diet and providing abundant supplies of clean water is crucial for herd health and productivity. On this page, Penn State Extension offers a comprehensive list of resources to help you with beef cattle nutrition and feeding, high-grain …

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‎Cattle Feeding Database On The App Store

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‎Cattle Feedings Database enables the entry of Cattle and Cattle Feedings data for Apple IPad users in the field and office. Cattle Feeding Database presents a full featured add/edit/delete records for two Cattle data files: Cattle and Cattle Feedings. The …

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Cattle Management App Development Folio3 Animal Care

Based Visit Site

Progressive Beef. A multi-platform, mobile & web based solution for quality management of cattle feed yards. Comprising of a mobile app and web based admin console, the solution eliminates paper based processes and automates the daily quality assurance activities, standard operating procedures and maintenance tasks carried out at beef farms and ranches, thereby increasing …

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PAPPSTOR, An IoT Solution For The Cattle Industry


PAPPSTOR is an IoT solution (Internet of things), in order to optimize productive processes during the cattle’s life cycle. The collars send data to the system that are also displayed on the shepherd or cattle breeder’s mobile Application

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CattlePro In 2021 Reviews, Features, Pricing, Comparison

CattlePro Visit Site

CattlePro greatly aids the producer in keeping up with technology and the everyday demands of the cattle business. The CattlePro system was specifically tailored to the beef industry’s unique needs, and it is also pre-wired and pre-plumbed to make placement and installation easier than ever. CattlePro keeps making advancements to make record keeping more simple and easier …

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Digital Dairy Resources – DAIReXNET

Spreadsheet Visit Site

Transition Cow Program analysis app (iPad) Cow Time Budget Evaluator (spreadsheet) Stocking Density Calculator spreadsheet. Body Condition Score Tracker app (Apple, Android) Mechanical Ventilation for Individual Pen Calf Barns (spreadsheet) Heifer Feed Cost spreadsheet. Heifer Value spreadsheet.

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Estrus Synchronization And Artificial Insemination

Allows Visit Site

Estrus synchronization with AI in beef cattle offers the following advantages over entirely natural mating or AI without estrus synchronization. The number of days necessary to observe the herd for signs of heat (such as standing to be mounted) is reduced, which ultimately allows for closer observation.

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Valueadded Programs Have Much To Offer Beef Producers

Producers Visit Site

Not only is May beef month, but it is also a time when cattle producers are making important business decisions. Additional marketing opportunities can be provided by enrolling calves in a value-added program and now is a great time for producers to decide if those programs are right for their operation.

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Free STEM App Game Explores Cattle Ranching

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‘All About BeefApp Features Two New Beef Games. App versions of “The Steaks are High” and “Grocery Grab” are STEM-based games funded by the Beef Checkoff Program and geared toward students in grades 3-5. In addition to teaching nutrition and environmental facts, the apps also feature kid-friendly beef recipes.

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Cattle Jobs

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Cattle Jobs. A cattle herd manager is responsible for overseeing, coordinating, and managing the cattle herd and activities surrounding the maintenance and health of the herd. Job responsibilities of a cattle herd manager include developing and implementing a plan for the raising of the cattle, constructing the habitat for the cattle

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Cattle Breeding App For Android APK Download

Animals Visit Site

Using APKPure App to upgrade Cattle Breeding App, fast, free and save your internet data. The description of Cattle Breeding App App. Do you breed many animals or many different types of animals as a hobbyist, professional or farmer? Our breeding components can help you keep track of animals bred, and help you match up breeding pairs to get the

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Cow Washed To Sea By Storm Was Pregnant And Has Given

Pregnant Visit Site

Cow pregnancies last 279 to 287 days, according to That means Dori was about five months pregnant when Hurricane Dorian hit the Outer Banks the first week of September

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Breeding In Cattle Reproduction Management And Nutrition

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Modern development of artificial insemination occurred in the 1930s and 1940s; it is widely used in dairy cattle but is used much less in beef cattle because of handling and labor costs. AI offers a selection of bulls with known genetic potential, such as measured by estimated breeding values (EBVs) for traits such as ease of calving or growth

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BEEF BULLS PICTURES Top Suggestions For Rental Services

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Chianina Beef Cattle World's Largest Cattle Breed. Beef Cattle Breeds 1-10. 65 Bulls ideas cattle, beef cattle, cow Gift Jul 18, 2020 - Explore Jada Brown's board "Bulls " on Pinterest. See more ideas about cattle, beef cattle, cow.

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Cow That Swam 5 Miles To Outer Banks In A Hurricane Was

Storm Visit Site

Cow pregnancies last 279 to 287 days, according to That means Dori was about five months pregnant when Hurricane Dorian hit the Outer Banks the first week of September. It’s believed 25 to 30 wild “sea cows” roamed Cedar Island before the storm. All but six drowned after being swept into the Core Sound by storm

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Cattle Production An Overview ScienceDirect Topics

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Robert (Bob) L. Larson, in Food Safety, 2015 Abstract. Beef cattle production is done within a system that includes grazing on large amounts of land per cow; being fed high-calorie diets for a few months in large populations immediately prior to slaughter; long gestation and growth periods so that animals are sold for food 2-3 years from the time they were conceived; and, in most …

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Beef Cattle Production MP184

Cattle Visit Site

county in the state, the greatest concentration of beef cattle production is in the Ozark Mountains of for roughly 54 percent of the total beef cow numbers. Benton and Washington Counties are the two largest counties in terms of all cattle and calves …

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Exploring The Best Combinations Of Genomics, Semen Type

(since Visit Site

Commercially affordable sexed semen (since 2006) and genomic testing (since 2009) have added to the options that dairy farmers should consider when looking to increase profitability. These technologies, combined with good overall management, and older technologies such as embryo transfer or beef semen, lead to an expanded number of choices regarding genetic selection, …

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Search Results AgWeb

PumpTrakr Visit Site

PumpTrakr is a practical answer for irrigation management, and is also the unusual story of a farmer’s business idea born in the field, launched into …

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46 EXtension Resource Areas Ideas Extensions

Partner Visit Site

May 8, 2013 - This is a visually based bookmark list of some of the major topic areas available on the web from our national partner, eXtension ( There are many more!. See more ideas about extensions, interactive learning, learning environments.

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How To Ship Foods With Dry Ice Courses XpCourse

Pounds Visit Site

Save If you need to ship less than 5 pounds of meat, you should probably ship overnight and use 5 pounds of dry ice (see DRY ICE NOTES at end). • Two-day service can work: The meat will travel best if vacuum sealed and deep frozen (-10˚F).

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Frequently Asked Questions

Is there an easy to use cattle management app?

The easy-to-use cattle app provides instant breakevens, cattle market analytics and profit alerts. Your success matters to us. We have a streamlined process to answer your questions and get you successfully started.

How does the shearwell app for cattle work?

App function: The app is linked to Shearwell’s NLMD online management software and connects to BCMS to send cattle births, movements and deaths. It can also record medicine stocks, treatments and procedures, along with cattle performance by logging weights and growth rates.

Are there any good apps for beef farmers?

With more than 4 million apps available across Android and Apple Stores, selecting which ones to download can be a bewildering choice. Here, we have selected a cross-section of just 12 that could make the work of beef farmers a little easier.

What does a mobile phone do for cattle?

Uses the smartphone camera to scan barcodes or QR codes to capture information such as medicine use, batch numbers and expiry dates for compliance purposes. It includes optical character recognition technology, which enables the smartphone to read numbers and text, making it easier and safer to log livestock tag details at a distance.

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